Zao Nail Polish

Zao Nail Polish


Classic red (650) 8ml


- Vegan & cruelty free

- Non toxic

Nail varnish without any toxic ingredients and enriched in silica from bamboo oil, you can use them without limitation. 

Non toxic product: Organic water-based nail polishes chip and flake very easily, so Zao has devised a nail polish that enjoys the quality of traditional nail polishes but without the toxic chemicals, resulting in an effective and long-lasting nail polish that does not compromise your health. 

The composition is free of 10 harmful ingredients: toluene*, formaldehyde*, dibutyl phthalate*, formaldehyde resin, paraben, xylene*, camphor, rosin*, styrene and benzophenone.

The new formula contains 76-80% of ingredients from natural origin by the replacement of petrochemical solvents with agro-solvents from potatoes, manioc, corn and wheat.