The Compost Bag Company - 7L Compostable Bin Bags x52

The Compost Bag Company - 7L Compostable Bin Bags x52


100% Plant made bin bags, 52 bags


- BPA free

- Home compostable

- Vegan & cruelty-free

These 7-litre caddy liners are perfect for your kitchen food waste, meaning you can keep your kitchen bin cleaner and free from insects and unpleasant smells. They fully biodegrade along with your left-over food when composted. They are completely plastic-free, leak-proof and are made from 100% organic materials. They are made in a zero-waste facility which is run on wind-powered energy so they have a very low carbon footprint too.

These bags are just as strong and leak-proof as plastic bin liners but will break down in 6 months if composted. They are made from 100% natural ingredients, using renewable energy, in a zero-waste factory. 

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