Shark Replacement Blades
  • Shark Replacement Blades


    5 Pack of replaceable stainless steel blades


    - Recyclable

    - Sustainable

    Shark double edge replacement safety razor blades are able to fit on any safety razor and offer an extremely close shave leaving your skin feeling smooth, making them the perfect blades to cut down on plastic consumption of disposable razors.

    Each side of the blade will last a minimum of 5 shaves. This depends on hair length and thickness, and can last a lot longer than the minimum. Once you start to feel hairs nick while shaving you know it’s time to replace them.

    Care should always be taken when drying the blades, never wipe. Instead opt for shaking the razor and let any residue air dry. This is to protect yourself and the blades edge.

    When it comes to recycling your used blades pop them in a blade bank and take them to your local recycling center or put into a metal recycling bin. Always check with your local council regarding metal recycling at curbside.


    Age-restricted product: You must be at least 18 years old to purchase this product. By UK law we are required to ensure youre over 18 and must ask for proof of ID before shipping your order. 

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