Flow Cosmetics Aromatherapy Body Polish - CocoLemon
  • Flow Cosmetics Aromatherapy Body Polish - CocoLemon


    All-in-one exfoliating and moisturising body polish 200ml


    - Organic

    - Natural

    - Vegan

    A unique blend of therapeutic and organic butters, herbs and essential oils. Especially kind to dry and irritated skin types, but suitable to all, Flow’s coconut and lemon body polish for the whole body effectively exfoliates and moisturises skin. Wave dull and flaky skin goodbye thanks to an entire cast of active ingredients –

    Pure Himalayan rock salt, known for its richness in minerals, pH balancing and antiseptic properties, serving as the perfect detox agent. Its rigid texture gently exfoliates and removes dead skin cells without damaging or irritating skin for a luxuriously soft finish.

    Organic shea butter, rich in vitamin E and known for its softening and soothing effects on skin as it moisturises and restores natural barriers.

    Plus moisture-retaining and antimicrobial coconut oil alongside cleansing citrus, known to improve blood flow and boost the immune system.

    Delicious notes of exotic coconut and zingy lemon refresh the senses, leaving you energised and at ease. Handmade and free from microplastics. Take care if applying to face and when doing so do not rub rather just let rest.