Flawless Small Flat Brush
  • Flawless Small Flat Brush


    Vegan small flat brush made out of bamboo


    - PETA approved

    - Recycled and sustainable materials

    - Handmade in the UK

    Designed to last for many years. The professional-grade Flawless small flat brush is the most versatile of its bunch and perfect for the finer details. Flat and densely packed bristles effectively press and blend all formulations to touch up or enhance your look. Whether you’d like to build up layers of colour on your eyelids, achieve sharp contouring, conceal blemishes, highlight your brow bones or add a pop of colour to your lips, we recommend having more than one of these at hand. Containing no animal hair whatsoever, hand-finished synthetic fibres feel ultra-gentle on skin plus allow for a more effective makeup application due to their non-porous nature – this means less wastage and no icky makeup or bacteria build up on your brush!

    Please note that whilst not 100% plastic free, this is the best solution currently available on the market that is durable and not composed of animal hair. Ourselves and our partners continue to work hard to find a viable, plastic free solution to synthetic bristles.